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General Fund Receipts through June 30

posted on July 20, 2018

During the 12-month period ending June 2018, Iowa’s net General Fund revenue was $8.588 billion.  This is an increase of $329.9 million (4%) above the same period ending June 2017.

Major sources of revenue affecting FY 2018 year to date revenue and their year-over-year change are:

Individual income tax +$276.3 million
Sales/use tax +$105.4 million
Corporate income tax +$28 million
Gambling tax +$3.0 million
Insurance Premium tax +$0.9 million
Real Estate Transfer tax +$0.3 million
Cigarette and Tobacco tax -$8.6 million
Bank Franchise tax -$9.2 million
Fuel tax -$66.8 million

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